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We call it ALM-U.

ALM-U  specializes in the advisory and management of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) earning opportunities for NCAA student-athletes. We work directly with the NCAA and Universities to ensure universal compliance while providing amateur athletes the essential education, tax planning, contract review and lifestyle guidance.


Web and App based technology simply gives content. ALM serves as a live, real-time, 24/7 resource for education and collective solutions.


We perform customized on-campus presentations, teaching through a real-life approach to financial and lifestyle awareness. E-mail us to learn more about booking a time.



ALM is a national leader in the day-to-day support of student-athletes. Regardless of the amount paid or in-kind benefits received, you are now a business and with any business comes the challenges of legal, tax and accounting. Don't let taxes and being unprepared disrupt the game-plan of a good opportunity. 


We also provide critical "go pro" guidance for those student-athletes turning professional in their sport. Finding the right team to help maximize your on and off-field opportunities is just as important as your decision to turn professional. We can sit through meetings, help with questions to ask and also add insight to contract, industry and marketing trends before making a final decision. We work directly with agents and marketing companies to add team value in your off-field management.

Let us help, even if it is just a free second opinion.

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