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Accounting & Bookkeeping


We utilize the most comprehensive and up-to-date accounting software to ensure real time reporting and the electronic communication of information. Each line item on your credit card statement and bank statement is entered and classified individually creating vendor, amount, date, memo history for each transaction. 

The real-time ledgers we maintain allows us to have perfect information when preparing quarterly tax estimates, tax returns preparation (maximize deductions/minimize tax), personal cash flow planning reports and unanticipated life events.


Solutions include but not limited to:

  • Collection of income

  • Payment of business and personal bills

  • Coding of transactions into a ledger for tax preparation purposes

  • Weekly cash expense reports

  • Monthly bank reconciliation

  • Cash management

  • Generation of monthly bank activity statement

  • Monitor and record all investment transactions by investment managers and bank custodians

  • Actual to Budget Review

  • Construction Budget Review

  • Provide summary reports with commentary on receipts and uses

  • Forensic capabilities

  • Vendor accountability review and assessment

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